But what do we do?

More than numbers, pie charts, papers and bills.

 At SWM your Finance Matters.

From your first contact be enveloped by our distinctly friendly and caring atmosphere.

With over 30 years of experience in caring for people and their finances SWM goes beyond to remove the clutter, tidy the mess and help you understand.

Armed with a thirst for knowledge, multiple awards and nominations, our client focussed, service oriented, solution seeking, financial professionals consistently rank amongst the best in Australia.

Our Senior Wealth Strategist holds the prestigious Self-Managed Superannuation Fund Specialist qualification ensuring that we are across any superannuation / retirement issue.

Our other specialties are :-

  • Personal Concierge Service – designed for busy people
  • Aged Care – providing a clear understanding of the new legislation
  • Superannuation Retirement Planning – make the most of your working years
  • Risk Claims – assisting with personal claims on a no win : no fee basis
  • Estate Planning – beginning with the end in mind puts you on the right track

Let us do the worrying while you sleep at night.

Contact SWM Finance Matters today for a free first appointment and be pleasantly surprised how we can transform your numbers, pie charts, papers and bills into a better, brighter financial future.

Remember at SWM Finance Matters

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  • Personal Concierge Service – designed for busy people

“Make good use of the present” – Horace 65 – 8 BC

In this rush, rush world people are too busy living to get everything in order and let’s face it. Wake up, kiss the kids, go to work, go home, kiss the kids,  eat dinner, go to bed, get up and the needle returns to the start of the song again – sounds familiar.  Who has time to make sense of the paperwork?

Our personal Concierge Service allows you to get on with living while we organise and take care of your paperwork. From Superannuation, Estate Planning, Guardianship, other investments, insurance claims, to filing and culling the paperwork mess – SWM takes care of it all.

Our concierge clients are enjoying life knowing that their finances are now tidy and nothing has slipped through the cracks. In this day and age of overdues being recorded against our credit file it’s even more important to ensure that you are on top of things – SWM takes care of that.

Leave the paper warfare to us – we will help you achieve the perfect work life balance.

  • Aged Care – providing a clear understanding of the new legislation

Mum or Dad has to go into a care facility. Not the nicest situation to have thrust upon you and now you have to make sense of all of the new terms and numbers. And getting the numbers right under the Aged Care legislation is imperative – one slip can cost you 10’s of thousands of dollars.

But what is DAP and RAD and what is the means tested amount and how does all of this affect Centrelink?

SWM knows how this works. More importantly we can explain it to you so that you can understand too.

We assist clients to negotiate, calculate and achieve the optimal outcome. Our experienced, friendly staff will assist you each step of the way through this trying and emotional journey. We understand the numbers so it makes it easier for you to make a better informed decision for a more beneficial outcome. SWM knows how this works.

  • Risk Claims – assisting with personal claims on a no win : no fee basis

SWM have become experts at insurance claims. Like Maurice Blackburn and Slater and Gordon adverts on television – we can’t stand to see injustice.

At SWM  we :-

  • provide our first appointments for free,
  • operate on a no win: no fee basis and
  • can tell you almost immediately if you qualify.

Whereas our competitors stem these ordeals out, our experienced team know what the insurance underwriters are looking for. Our understanding of what information is being sought allows us to smoothly and efficiently prepare the claim with a minimum fuss and bother to you.

We handle the claim from start to finish letting you get on with recovering. At SWM we can’t strand to see injustice.

 Estate Planning – beginning with the end in mind puts you on the right track

At SWM we know that thinking about Wills, Power of Attorneys, Advance Directives and all of the Estate Planning documents is a morbid task. But it is important to begin with the end in mind and to get it right.  Do you really want to leave all of your wealth to your ex?? Do you want the Government to decide who receives what. Wouldn’t you rather be in control?

And when the inevitable does happen don’t you want things to go smoothly? Family squabbles over china tea cups are all too common if you are not prepared.

SWM – we make the hard seem easy. Our friendly consultants will help you through the whole process. Explaining the various documents and even providing guidance through the myriad of different decisions and complex situations that our clients face.

Companies, superannuation funds, family trusts – any combination of structures – our Estate Planning consultants have seen it all. With over 30 years of experience in the game there is nothing that they haven’t dealt with.

So if you’re putting off what you know needs to done because it’s too hard or too complex – Call SWM – we make the too hard seem easy.



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