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What have we been doing in relation to the Covid19 Crisis?


Many of you would know that we took the decision to self-isolate relatively early on in this crisis. We all have mature parents, young children (Grandchildren) and friends that fit into the vulnerable persons category. We could never forgive ourselves if we passed on this insidious disease to them or any of you. This is a serious matter and we took steps very early on to protect everyone.

The financial effect of Covid19 has been dramatic.

We’ve seen falls in portfolio values from 25% – 40% across the board.

Most of our portfolios have fallen between 5% – 17%.



As you may recall SWM Finance Matters /JV Wealth implements a bucket strategy in all pension portfolios (and some superannuation portfolios for those approaching retirement).

This strategy has brought me criticism through the rising markets as we continue to insist on holding more cash assets than most other fund managers – it does reduce the rate of return when markets are roaring.

BUT in falling markets it helps preserve your capital. The strategy enables us to continue to provide pension payments or pay expenses from the cash bucket and avoid drawing against growth assets for a number of years to let the impaired assets time to recover.

Remember the growth assets are the ones that have fallen dramatically so drawing the same amount of pension from these fallen assets means that you have to sell more units to make the same payment leaving less units to recover later. From cash – withdrawing $1 = $1 unit.

Centrelink Aged Pensions

Check your bank accounts over the next few weeks. We have been systematically producing, uploading and faxing Centrelink/DVA Schedules on your Account Based Pensions. The benefit is for those that are receiving the Aged Pension effected by the Centrelink’s Asset test. Producers were asked by Centrelink for Asset values as at 31 January 2020. The peak of the market was on the 20th of February so Centrelink have captured your portfolio value at it’s virtual peak. We have been providing them with the reduced value in the hope that you will receive more Aged Pension. Please call us if you want to chat about this.


We have continued to monitor, maintain and review your portfolios. If your review was due you should have received your’s in the mail. We are going through the same process that we would if you were visiting our friendly office. The only difference is we are encouraging you to call us or meet us via video (we have downloaded a number of  face time softwares like Viber, Messenger, Suite Box or Zoom to enable you to see our friendly faces 🙂 if you want). But if there is anything in the reports that you are receiving that you would like to chat about please contact us.

Asset Protection, Succession and Estate Planning

Many of you know that I am passionate about Estate Planning. Starting with the end in mind means that we can begin to build a path to the end destination. Getting your affairs in order now means you don’t have to wait until the end. I spent 11 years at Australian Executor Trustee where I dealt with many Estate Matters. And have been undertaking studies every year to be “at the top of my game” when dealing with your Estate Matters. To sharpen my skills further I recently attended a 2 day work shop on Asset Protection, Succession and Estate Planning. In the future this workshop will enable attendees to gain an Estate Planning Specialist qualification.

So if you are concerned about your Estate Planning affairs and/or getting things in order we are well placed to assist you.


We have written to underwriters to determine under what grounds insurances maybe able to be claimed upon ie. income protection policies with a 14 day waiting period may be able to be claimed upon if the effects of the virus continue to make your temporarily incapacitated as the self-quarantining period would equal the waiting period.

We also deal with business insurances so we are trying to determine whether the “shut down orders” may qualify for a claim/

Covid19 Measures

OMG – Who in their right mind would want to be the Prime Minister? Each day there is a new announcement and new measures.

There are sooooooo many technical papers coming out each day in relation to the Covid19 measures that the Government is throwing at this pandemic. We have been reading them all and digesting them. As a strategist we are also trying to match each measure up with the respective clients ie. sole traders, businesses, welfare recipients. If you think you are going to miss out or should qualify for something please call us. We should be able to assist you.


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