Do you ever worry about the strength and efficacy of your password?

I remember being horrified at a statistic I read in a local magazine about how long it takes to crack certain styles of passwords.

A 4 digit password consisting only of numbers can make a possible 10,000 combinations. Sounds like it should take a while to crack! A basic computer in the wrong hands can crack this style of code instantly. Imagine how quick supercomputers will take.

A 4 digit alphabetical password can make a huge 456,976 combinations. Sounds harder to crack! A basic computer in the wrong hands can take 46 seconds. A supercomputer – instantly.

So what is the best combination?

You’d feel much safer with an 8 digit code combining a mixture of numbers, symbols, alphabet with some capitals. That makes a whopping 7.2 quadrillion combinations. 7.2 quadrillion combinations (that’s more zero’s than I can fit across this line). A basic computer in the wrong hands will outlast the operator as it will take 22,875 years to crack. A supercomputer will take 83 1/2 days.

Lucky most systems boot them out after 3 tries 🙂


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