Presenting for XY Advisers – Onboarding


The only constant is change – and change can be so rapid.

Take Formula 1 pit stops. They have reduced the average pit stop from 67 seconds in 1950 to less than 4 seconds in 2013. That’s not so surprising given the technological improvements over that period of time but the more startling statistic is that the 2013 pit stops are twice as fast as they were in 2009.

Financial planning laws have undergone unrecognisable change since the introduction of Financial Services Reform (“FSR”) in 2001 through

FSR(ii) and into the recent introduction of the Future of Financial Advice (“FOFA”).

To remain relevant you have to evolve and adopt new techniques and technology. Otherwise, like a grape not picked, you will wilt on the vine.

At SWM, after some extensive due diligence, we made some critical business decisions to commit to technology and continue to evolve and grow with it.

And although you may not be familiar with them we use multiple methods to stay in contact with you – in person, phone, snail mail, email, website, Skype calls, newsletters, personal online portal access, text, our SWM News app (free download), Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, reward functions and seminars.

We have committed to interacting with our clients multiple times per year and via any media that they feel the most comfortable with


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