Scared by the Market – are you a bull, bear or lemming?

Bull Bear LemmingYou’d be forgiven for believing that the world is going to hell in a hand basket.

Market volatility has increased dramatically over the past few months in many world markets – even the stable Australian market that usually rises or falls less than 1% in any given day gave up 2.29% on Thursday 10th of September 2015. More than double the usual volatility.

But has anything changed with the companies within the index? Have their profits changed, has the management changed, have they changed their dividend payout ideas? The short answer is NO.

Human emotion controls index volatility not the fundamentals of a company.

At SWM Finance Matters we spend a lot of time honing our strategies to ensure that the market volatility has the least impact on your portfolio. Our Senior Strategist has now spent more than 3 decades researching, investing and protecting clients money during these trying periods.

If you are worried about the markets please contact us and we will run through our strategies and asset allocations designed to protect your hard earned capital and allow you to sleep at night.


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