SWM/JVW’s Covid19 Response

At SWM Finance Matters / JV Wealth we are taking the Corona Virus (Covid19) crisis very seriously.

We have elected to virtually self isolate.

All of us here either have more mature parents, young children or meet with clients that may fit into one or more of the vulnerable group categories.

To assist in limiting the spread of this insidious disease we have elected to put off face to face meetings for the foreseeable future.

We will still be conducting our usual formal reviews, ad-hoc desk audits and the ongoing maintenance of your account.

The difference will be when we send out your review we will offer phone hook-ups to go over your report.

And with this market volatility contact is imperative.

We urge all of you to take us up on the phone call offer as it should help provide some calm in amongst this storm.

If you are worried about the market and your money (and who isn’t) try to remember that within the investment strategy that we recommended we also recommended a bucket strategy.

The bucket strategy is like a rainy day fund whereby we can avoid withdrawing monies against the fallen value growth assets for quite a period of time – allowing them time to recover and gain back their value. And try to remember this is not expected to be a long term event so they should recover.

If you need to drop any paperwork off please contact us and we will definitely make plans to accommodate you.


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