[VIDEO] Google — 25 Years in Search: The Most Searched

20 December

  This year, we’re celebrating the most searched figures and moments in 25 years of Google Search. From some of the world’s most iconic performances, to history-making breakthroughs, see the moments that have changed the world and inspired the...[Read More]

[ANIMATED VIDEO] What does the Reserve Bank do?

25 March

  Find out what the Reserve Bank of Australia does in this short animated video. Learn more at www.rba.gov.au/education.

Choosing a super fund is like picking your perfect match [VIDEO]

29 January

MoneySmart (ASIC) Choosing a super fund is a bit like dating. Pick the right fund and you’ll be set for a long, happy and comfortable life when you retire. Set your sights on the wrong one and you’re in for a world of pain. Here’s...[Read More]

Five steps to building wealth [VIDEO]

15 January

MoneySmary (ASIC) 1. Know your financial starting point If you don’t know your current financial position, how will you know if your wealth is growing? If you want to build your wealth, making a list of all your assets and liabilities is a...[Read More]

[VIDEO] 5 People around the world shared their take on living well

1 January

Money and Life (Financial Planning Association of Australia) What does living well mean to you in 2020? People around the world shared their take on living well in a 30-second video. Find out how five global citizens are planning for their best...[Read More]

[VIDEO] Be prepared for life’s emergencies

13 November

MoneySmart (ASIC) Life insurance protects you or your family from financial difficulty after an unexpected event, like an illness, injury or death. When you’re buying life insurance, take the time to understand the cost of the premiums...[Read More]

Self-managed super fund (SMSF) Do-it-yourself super [VIDEO]

30 October

Video: SMSFs – You can’t do it all yourself SMSFs are often called ‘do-it-yourself funds’, but that isn’t really the case. Meet the people who you will have to work with or who can help you meet your obligations as an...[Read More]

Building an emergency fund for a rainy day [VIDEO]

30 October

Video: Building an emergency savings fund Financial counsellor, Kristen Hartnett from The Salvation Army Moneycare explains how you can build an emergency fund to help you cope with unexpected expenses when things go wrong.   Money...[Read More]

Divorce and separation [VIDEO]

23 October

Money Smart (ASIC) Breaking up is hard to do The end of a relationship can be an emotional and traumatic time. You may feel anxious or overwhelmed about such a big change in your life. Be kind to yourself and ask for support if you need it as...[Read More]


29 May

(Financial Planning Association of Australia) How will you make your dreams come true? Jane Caro talks about financial independence, and the benefits of a financial plan.  

[VIDEO] What is Financial Planning?

24 April

Are you a money optimist, or a money pessimist? Whichever way you see the world, financial planning can help you reach your goals. For more information and advice, visit moneyandlife.com.au  

[VIDEO] The dollars it takes to divorce

27 March

Divorce presents many challenges to overcome, including financial ones. Find out how to limit the impact of a marital split on your family and finances.

[VIDEO] The 5 big bills you need to save for

2 March


[VIDEO] Relationship rules for your finances

27 December

Follow these simple rules to keep the love alive when it comes to money and your relationship.

[VIDEO] Why you might need a will

28 November

Maybe you think it’s too early to plan what will happen to your money when you die. But if you’ve got a new job, bought a house or started a family, it’s time to start getting your affairs in order.