SWM – We’d love you to rate us?

At SWM Finance Matters we are very serious about being at the pointy end of the financial planning fraternity.

Our goal has to always be in the top 5% of planners within Australia. Technically and with best practices.

But one of the differences with SWM Finance Matters is that we also strive to make your experience with us – unique, enjoyable and informative.

We endeavour to create an environment where you feel cared about from the very 1st contact.

We want you to feel part of the family.

To do so we need your help.

Please answer the following questions.

On a scale of 1-4 with 1 being poor and 4 being excellent how would you rate your experience with us?

Would you recommend our services to your family or friends?

If you answered 1 and no can you please tell us why?

If you have any improvement suggestions we’d love to hear from you.

Responses can be via email, phone, sms – see the contact us tab found via the small round button in the top right hand corner of the SWM News App.


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